Ukcustomizer Mens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walking Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black 41 - BT0047:Ukcustomizer
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Mens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walking Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black 41 - BT0047:Ukcustomizer

Get Fit
Get Fit Published in October 16, 2018, 6:20 am
 Mens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walking Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black 41 - BT0047:Ukcustomizer

Mens Get Fit Mesh Running Trainers Athletic Walking Gym Shoes Sport Run - Black/Black 41 - BT0047:Ukcustomizer

Price:£16.99+ Free shipping with Graffitilife Prime

Alexandre Reply to on 20 March 2017
This is a cheap trainer and rather on the smaller side. Having heeded similar reviews, I ordered one size up and the shoe fits.
Also, I have considered the price charged (£16.99) and that is adequate.
I bought the trainers for work to wear something and that I can leave laying around if need be. If you seek a performance trainer or similar, then this is not a good shoe at all. However, if you are not really bothered and need the shoe for e.g. walking around at home, then it will be adequate.
Joseph D. Jackson
Joseph D. Jackson Reply to on 27 July 2017
I was so surprised at the quality. The most important part is they have a really thick springy sole. I have massive problems finding shoes that fit me because I have very broad feet especially near the toes. But these fit really well I have walked for long distances, road bicycles, and gone jogging. They really hold up and feel like they will last a long time. Very impressed when I normally have so many problems with shoes!
Big Jim
Big Jim Reply to on 24 March 2018
These are ok for the price and better than expected considering how cheap they are. Unfortunately the first pair ordered were lost in transit so had to order again, the second order arrived promptly. Fairly comfy and size is correct. I am a size 8 so I ordered an 8 and they fit perfectly with even a little room to wear thicker socks on a colder day. Some reviewers have said order a size up but this was not the case for me. Overall they seem quite well made only time will tell if they last.
cristian Reply to on 29 September 2017
these are really good trainers for daily use, although i wouldnt like to go running in these, they are very flat, so daily use is a big yea comfy light waterproof/ish, but no for any sports activity's
Phil Reply to on 18 March 2017
Now bought 2 pairs .. and about to buy another! No this doesn't mean they wear out quickly, only that I wear them (almost) every day, in all weathers/ conditions! My only (minor) gripe is that the laces are much too long, even when 'double bowed' so i have cut them and sealed with a flame from a lighter.
Andrew Cruze
Andrew Cruze Reply to on 28 December 2016
Not too bad for the price. Actually lasting very well considering I use them for cross country walking.
Only real gripe is they aren't that comfortable especially after an hour or two. In souls do help a little.
bubblagirl Reply to on 13 May 2018
First off hi one size up to normal size.

Other than that I have no complaints for this trainer.
I have a pair and also got my son several pairs to start sizes were not small enough for my son so ordered plain black in ladies they are exactly the same trainer.

I have now got him several pairs he keeps growing so his other ones are still in good condition.

Mine has lasted well over a year and still plenty of life in then.

I recommend these shoes for the money there is nothing wrong with the lasting quality of these.
Irritated Reply to on 23 April 2017
Look to be nice quality but far too small, I tend to need a wide fit but have different shoes that range from size 10-12 UK, ordered these in 12 UK and see they go to 13 UK but these aren't simply tight, I'm not even able to get them on so there is no point in ordering the size 13's. Shame, as they are a simple, inexpensive comfortable looking gym shoe. If I had to guess, I think a 14 UK would probably fit OK for me but that's one size higher than they go.
John Reply to on 4 July 2018
This is the second pair of these trainers I have bought, the first pair are still going strong but are getting a little tatty after a almost a year of daily use. I have had no problems at all with the first pair and find them extremely comfortable. Okay they are not really sports shoes and I would not attempt to run a marathon in them, but for running for the bus they are ideal. For the price they are excellent.
CRS Reply to on 2 February 2017
Unbeliveable bang for buck. I usually run in ultra light racing flats. Bought this for wearing around the office. They felt so good that I decided to give running in them a try. I've done a tempo run and a couple of easy runs in them and am astonished -- I completely forgot that I was running £17 shoes!
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