Ukcustomizer Dylon Machine Dye Pod, Vintage Blue, easy-to-use fabric colour for laundry, 350g:Ukcustomizer
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Dylon Machine Dye Pod, Vintage Blue, easy-to-use fabric colour for laundry, 350g:Ukcustomizer

Dylon Published in October 16, 2018, 5:55 am
 Dylon Machine Dye Pod, Vintage Blue, easy-to-use fabric colour for laundry, 350g:Ukcustomizer

Dylon Machine Dye Pod, Vintage Blue, easy-to-use fabric colour for laundry, 350g:Ukcustomizer

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Ms. R. J. Weston
Ms. R. J. Weston Reply to on 15 June 2018
Amazing stuff this is, however only works if you use it the right way, hence the mixed reviews.

so it goes like this...

if you order one theres a chance the washing wont dye as well, and go slightly blue ( i ordered the black) so order TWO, yes TWO, dont mess about, just simply buy 2 and use them both together. The first wash i tried went a very dark navy, and the second wash i did has worked and gone completely black after using 2.
it does say this on the instructions but you will need glasses, or a telescope to be able to read them as they're so small theyre near impossible to read !

So this is basically what you do - wash the clothes first and make sure theyre damp, only fill a 3rd of the washing machine.
Open tubs of colour and take off the top so u can see the powder, put in machine with clean damp clothes.
Set washing machine to COTTON cycle with no pre-wash. start wash using NO detergents.
Sit and watch machine through door as all water and clothes go black( or chosen colour) ... wonder if you have done the right thing.
Go and make tea as wash too long to watch all the way through.
When wash finishes inspect clothes.
Do the SAME cotton wash again using detergent.
When wash finished take clothes out to dry.
Do another wash in machine on its own afterwards to remove any lasting colour left in machine.

So yes, thats basically 4 washes altogether ... but i did manage to get a white towel with mud stains on it completely black afterwards, and cover bleach stains on jeans !

bingo !!

who knows, i may even choose the red next time !!
Tm Reply to on 8 August 2018
Reading some of the more negative reviews, I thought this new approach of chucking in the dye within a container would be problematic. Not so! All in one product (no more kilos of salt to buy) & no more emptying out of the dye into the drum - nice and straightforward with less room for accidents. I've been using Dylon's range of dyes for a few years now and this latest format makes it even more simple than the previous all-in-one pouch.

To improve your chances of a consistent result, follow the instructions but be aware dirt or soap residues are the enemies to the dyeing process. So I ensure the wash before dyeing is a through one, with no fabric conditioner. You could try using distilled white vinegar as a conditioner replacement (useful when you've run out or for towels that you need to stay absorbent), because it helps by neutralising any remaining soap. Choose the highest spin setting your machine offers to get rid of all of those residues. Then, clean out the detergent/conditioner drawer and run another rinse cycle with just water, selecting the option for water plus if your machine has the function.
The aim is to make sure there's nothing but clean detergent free fabric.
Place the Dylon pod on top of the freshly washed well rinsed damp fabrics and follow the remaining instructions for the experience you've been dyeing to see.

Three washes is a bit energy intensive, but it's better than looking scruffy or throwing out garments.

Several cups of tea later... results were uniform colour throughout.

I chose the Navy Blue option (the product picture shot isn't that accurate in the colour shade - it appears online as a denim blue). Results were a nice and deep uniform blue to several items all done at the same time (3 pairs of partially faded navy trousers, 2 casual navy shirts that looked a little tatty and a light blue t-shirt). One dye pod was enough to refresh all the garments to look crisp and close to new again without looking artificially over coloured.

I was a little apprehensive worried I'd get blotchy results claimed by other reviewers, but following the instructions which state to run on a 40 degrees cotton cycle, the results were as good as Dylon's previous generation all-in-one pouch, minus no dyed fingers. Trust me, the dye powder can get everywhere if it's mishandled, the pod just makes it all nice and simples.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 10 July 2017
Lovely denim sketchers had bleach splashes on them used this and they look great like new.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 23 July 2018
After reading the reviews both positive and negative, I read the instructions at least 2 times before using these. Followed them to the letter and had no mishaps. These were purple, used pre-dye first and then black dye. Came out perfect. My washing machine was easy to clean, but I cleaned it right after the dye. Don't know if other people have tried to clean the dye once it's dried. I imagine that's not the best option. Seriously tho, read the labels of the clothes you're trying to dye, weight the clothes, follow the instructions and you should be okay.
Sue Reply to on 6 June 2018
This product did not work. I bought eight packets to darken a faded removable sofa cover. The dye was spotty in places. Where I can understand perhaps the main cover was too big for the machine. The cushions were blotchy as well. The product is not expensive but 8 bottles were. I had researched this extensively and there was a picture of a sofa in their Instagram account so I thought I was safe enough. When i rang dylon they said it could be fire protector on the sofa.
laura Reply to on 12 January 2018
I love this colour (Rosewood Red) and the dye has worked brilliantly every time I've used it. I bought loads of these and never had any trouble. These pods are really easy to use too. I've only dyed cotton, so don't know how it would work on anything else.
Niamh Reply to on 10 July 2018
I have used the older Dylon machine dyes that came in a box many times but this newer pod was a disaster. I bought Sandy Beige and it left small green spots of pigmentation all over my white cotton cardigan and gave an ugly greenish tinge to the colour. I contacted Dylon, and after confirming how I had used it, care label of my garment, washing machine model etc, they couldn't explain what had happened and only offered a free treatment to remove the colour which they admitted was not usable with the care instructions for my garment. Very disappointed as I bought two pods together and cannot trust the second pod to also not destroy a garment.
makeda Reply to on 9 April 2018
I only brought one of these and it did dye my clothes but not that well.It was my own fault as I didn't go by the instructions and put too much clothes in.So next time I will as I'm told!The only downside this item is that you are left with bits of residue from the dye in the machine even after I did a bleach wash and wiped the inside f the drum a few times.Only after 5 or 6 washes did it complete go.
Redred Reply to on 19 August 2018
Remember that modern washing machine programmes use a lot of water so I needed 2 tubs of black dye for 2 pairs of size 14 long jeans in an 8kg machine. - fantastic results. Dont try and skimp by only using 1 tub or putting too many clothes in, its not worth it - if you are doing it, do it properly 1st time rather than risk streaks or too pale a result. The second wash to clean your machine does work but wipe around the folds of the rubber door seal as I found black fluff in here afterwards.
Joyce Devlin
Joyce Devlin Reply to on 10 May 2018
Was really disappointed with this dye pod.its was easy to use but it didn't make any difference on my black trousers I got the black dye to freshen the colour off my trousers thought it would be really good.. as I've used the dye where the salt is added..wich it a fantastic product..but won't use the Pod again waste money.
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