Ukcustomizer Swarfega Jizer Water Rinsable Parts Degreaser, 5 L:Ukcustomizer
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Swarfega Jizer Water Rinsable Parts Degreaser, 5 L:Ukcustomizer

Swarfega Published in October 16, 2018, 6:35 am
 Swarfega Jizer Water Rinsable Parts Degreaser, 5 L:Ukcustomizer

Swarfega Jizer Water Rinsable Parts Degreaser, 5 L:Ukcustomizer

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Noel Reply to on 3 September 2017
I had to rebuild an engine and it was full of 18years grime. Sprayed jizer on with a spray bottle and begun to work it in with a brush. I then washed it down with water and dried. One application was enough to be rid of the dirt. Spray, scrub, rinse & dry that's it!
Chemist Reply to on 20 December 2015
great product, stronger then most degreasers (and I have previously used many). I just dunked some vintage motorcycle parts in this stuff diluted with 2/3 water and some light brushing is all that was required to leave them clean. It also leaves an anti-rust film over them which helps when you rinse off and dry the bits because they wont develop surface rust as quickly. Overall great product and I would recommend if parts are not sensitive to moisture.
del576 Reply to on 9 April 2015
I'm not into doing reviews . But this stuff is fantastic on the oily bits on motorcycle . Excellent on the chain and sprockets, and the hard to reach bits . Back of the swingarm . Rear shock . Hugger . Just spray it on and brush it in. I used a one inch paintbrush , just wrap I little tape around the metal part of the brush which helps to stop it marking. Then just wash it off . Gold chain and sprokets with 20.000 miles on my bandit 1250 . And came up looking like new. I then used wd40 and a rag to displace the water . Left it overnight , then used my choice of chain wax . I did keep away from the calipers and discs .just spray it onto a clean rag to wipe engine cases . Definitely on my list as a add on item again
sonny church
sonny church Reply to on 16 July 2016
Got grease or grime on your stuff? Grab a can of this and spray, simple as that.

I used this to clear out some muck on my motorbike (be warned, the product does state not to be used on certain rubbers and metals) and worked like a charm.

With the warning stating not to be used on certain rubbers and metals, I would advice using this if you have an O-ring chain. I have solid bush chain from DID so I felt comfortable using this on my chain.
M. Beauchamp
M. Beauchamp Reply to on 24 March 2015
Ok its actually a nice chunky can..I was expecting one of those little jobs.
This means plenty of cleaning at a decent price and the spray ability is actually very convenient saving messing around with jars and brushes. Does what jizer does and shifts grease...being used on a boat onboard diesel..they get messy plus the ownered liked to lob grease around a little too much.
I will buy again but will be a while before i need to :)
Taff Reply to on 15 January 2018
Very effective on an oil coated old diesel engine
Philip L
Philip L Reply to on 4 September 2017
Used Jizer before a good product
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 10 October 2017
Does what it is supposed to do
big bad blogger
big bad blogger Reply to on 12 May 2016
We all love 5 litres of Jiz!!

Also works wonders on oil spills on the floor, use this with warm water and hey presto, the oils gone! You will need to throw the mop away though!
Tony Sharp
Tony Sharp Reply to on 23 March 2017
Having used Jizer for many years I have not found anything that works as well as Jizer
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